Spiritual Theta Healing, 


When I work with my client`s in Theta healing I walk beside You, together we meet what is hidden in the shadow, by your soul to coop with life. I help you to become aware, I am given information about what is the reason behind the wound so You can let it go, together we remove and heal it, on the deepest level of Your unconsciousness.

All to remove the core of the wound, and let go.

Energy exchange: 80 Euro/one hour, takes 90-200 min

Testimonial: Trine Munkvold, Oslo, Norway

A deep cleaning and healing of all the traumas I have experienced during my life on earth. Memories forgotten was brought to light so I could understand and feel the pain of them in order to let go, fill up with love and heal. This is nothing like anything else I have experienced. I felt so whole and full of love after.

Testimonial: Harriet Fagerholm, Helsinki, Finland 

I had arrived at a point where I thought my marriage will be ending when Linn offered us a healing session together. My husband was suddenly open to participate (Linn has a power to get people to open up) and it was a true miracle happening, the energies opened up to a new level and there is hope again. Looking into how your inner child is trapped through conditioning from early childhood can help you release the blocks preventing you from having a satisfying relationship. I continued working with her personally and could get instant help in seeing how my deepest underlying patterns from early childhood and the energy blocks in the form of fears of living my life fully were holding me back. When energy is released you are free. Linn has a true gift in liberating your soul from blocks and traumas. 


Mother Healing with Baby, child:

I am honored to be able to offer healing with Mother and baby/child, It was given to me to work with, by the healings I had I have become aware of how much the energy connection between mother-child means on many levels.

By healing and remove blockages from the mother, helps and remove the energy that the baby/child has taken, to help their mother.

It is a profound and important work, it helps to give the balance and peace that is so important in life.

Energy exchange: 70 Euro/hour, takes 90-200 min.


Testimonial Distance Healing, Ruru, Texas, U.S.:

My experience first of all words won`t this half the justice, so bare with me. I always knew I was special and had energy work earlier by one of Dolores Cannons students. Lately I have felt that something was just off with me. I happened to come across Ms. Linn`s post on IG about removing a chip/device in a lady. Next thing I knew that I should text her, divine timing and she explained what she does. Turns out that I had 7 chips, at first I didn`t feel anything but all of the sudden my neck jerked sideways and I felt this rush of energy like I`ve never felt before.. After she sent a mail, and I teared up up reading this. It had all this info directly from source. She helped reconcile some issues from past lives, the one causing most demise was the one in the neck, as I type this it has been two days since. Never felt like this, I feel very clear and clean.At work today I reduced the front size on the computer with 10%, turns off that my eye sight got that much better.I am overwhelmed with joy. I am planning on doing a spiritual cleanse now and then with Ms.Linn.

Spiritual Healing with the messages You need to be aware of right Now:

I work with my Light Masters and remove energy blockages in your soul, body and light body and make you aware on how they was in your body and what you need to do to remove in your mind which is holding you back from living a healed life in balance. Refill pure high energy so your energy level gets back, and you will be given the advices which is important of you right Now.

Energy exchange: 60 Euro/one hour, session is 90 -120 min.

Distance healing with the messages you need at this time, together what we have worked with, how the blockages was created, transform all lower energies into high and light energy, activate your chakras,  I share in a mail everything that we have worked with and everything that is important for you to be aware of, energy exchange is 100 Euro

Paypal:linn.healer@gmail.com for energy exchange

Ernest Schollen, Holland: a patient from my Energy operations

Thank you for taking away my kidney stones, I hat such a burden and pain from them. And thanks to you I had no pain any more already after a day.

You also noticed that there was energy leaking from my shoulder and I told you that I had sports accident and that my collarbone has been ripped off on the inside (which is not much for coming). A specialist at the hospital told me that it will not heal. After you treading it, it seams that it stays on it's place and it doesn't irritate and bother me any more.Keep up the good work..

Picture on skeleton after the accident. left side

How my journey started:

 2003 I woke up with a huge STOP sign and the messages was: Change your life or die.. I chose life, so I started to clean out everything in my life that was taking energy from me, broke up from relationships, moved, worked with my karma relations and healed them and gave those that had hurt me, forgiveness and love. Then I was activated by a messenger from God 18th of January 2011,  then the greatest journey of all started and it was to come back to my heart.

I have chosen to accept and meet all challenges, to be able to brake free from my chains, so I could heal my wounds. It has made all the illusions of having control released since I've seen the patterns that my wounds had created and how that held me in circles and created more imbalance in my life.

Today, I AM living My truth in and with Unconditional Love, I follow the higher guidance and travel around in Europe, to meet those I am meant to meet, the places I am meant to connect with. All for the highest God of All. 

Traveling in my mobile home as a Free unlimited being of Love, is bringing in so much Love and Bliss into my Life, and I am deeply grateful to be surrounded with so many beautiful souls following their call. I AM blessed. Thank you for reading and being a part of my Life.


Spiritual Mentorship, 


I am open to be your spiritual mentor, I am helping you with a monthly healing session with messages about your journey, help you to become aware of your inner power and wisdom also you can reach your souls purpose. 60 min, energy exchange 100 Euro.  Paypal:linn.holisticbalance@gmail.com for energy exchange 

Testimonial Jake Vice, CA, USA:

I first came across Linn on Instagram and it was the week i awakened which i wasn't aware of anything like this so i was quite skeptical at first. But i was curious. So i contacted Linn and we made a time to meet. It took her some time to get a connection but when she did it was the most amazing energy I've ever felt run thru me. She explained in detail all my blockages and what was causing them.

I now get a energy healing session once a month and it has changed my life. Whatever problems you have i have no doubt in my heart Linn can help you to. Shes a beautiful soul,a amazing mentor, and a great friend. Thank you Linn 




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