My two visions and projects that I wish to share here with you is:


Community where we all meet with responsibility, respect and Love:

The new way of co-existing, together we co-create a Community based on how everyone participating, lives with inner balance, respect and love themselves and therefor take responsibility for their actions.

I have been blessed by meeting many very beautiful souls that has created the new way of teaching, sharings, building in a sustainable way which I now aspire to create in a physical space, where it can be manifested and shared,  all to inspire others to see there is possible to live outside the society and its system.

More info about the COMmunity Vision:

Earth-Aid NOW, Aid Concert to inspire unity and forgiveness:

The day before I was activated I sat in my car on my way down to the south of Sweden to a trade show, I was thinking  how I could make a difference, after saying to my oldest daughter that someone was going to work to create peace and balance on earth. I realised that I was that someone, that everyone can be that someone that can make a change.

 I realised I had connection through a friend to two big pop stars. And I just saw how it was time to unite mankind in a new Aid Concert.


Images is from Farm AID 2013 USA.

The 28th of November I meet a brother, Tobias. He was in need to see who he was and to meet himself. I inspired him to work with the bowl, and become aware about who he was.

Then suddenly he asked me. Linn: What is it in your bowl?

I said well I do my workshops and travel my path, following the flow. Then I started to share about how I was activated and how I started the Foundation Cominvision, where our first event was,the Aid concert Earth-Aid .

When I shared about the intention and vision, he said: I´m in.

And I was like, what? It is all dead now, but when I connected with the seeds of the spirit, it was alive and had waited for me to connect again. 

Since I am now allowing those that wish to be involved and somehow made  Earth Aid event possible, I just share my intention. With gratitude I meet one buy one, and I do believe we will create something very blessed and great the 11th of November 2018.

Three cities sharing a twelve hours Aid concert, where the intention is to inspire people with hope and belief in a better life and future. To transform the shared consciousness with healing circles, with youth and elders.

From Helsinki, Finland the pure Nordic light will be sent with songs and sharings to Lagos, Portugal which will be washed and purified of the old past events and actions, from Lagos we ask from stage that the actions of western Europe will be forgiven for all the actions towards Indegiounes people and the continent of Africa to forgive the lower actions made by man. In Cape town, South Africa the elder people from the tribes together with artists and inspirers will receive and send back the energy with forgiveness and compassion.

We unite as the tribe of humanity we are when we meet through heart and compassion.

Welcome to join if the intention resonates.



Kärlek är allt