Healing Retreat in Portugal.

We create a retreat at beautiful surroundings in the mountains of Monchique, Portugal. We start the morning with physical letting go of what has been stuck within you, intention for this six days are healing work to go within to discover the wounds within the feminine and masculine, to heal them and remove the patterns they have created in your life. 

We will do daily meditations with tools that will help you to stay in balance, grounded and more present in your life. spiritual travels where you connect with previous life times that is important for you now. Through dance and movement release physical blockages in your body, and let your body communicate.

On Sunday we celebrate your new You, with a cermony after breakfast.

Cost for the whole retreat is 990 Euro.




Flyer Body, Soul and Heart

Healing Workshops:


Activation and healing workshop, 

I create space with high frequency to heal all that is holding you back at this time, to remove fear and share the tools where you meet your souls gifts, in healing, healing with crystals, mediumship, channeling all with the highest light masters and elders that is here to work with you.

Lagos, Portugal, Energy exchange 220 Euro including coffe/tea break and light lunch. Make reservation by sending a message or mail: linn.holisticbalance@gmail.com Paypal: linn.healer@gmail.com

More info:

Welcome to find your path and live your purpose.

Two days of Shaman work,

with the intention to dive into your native spirit and gifts, where we both use the drum to find your power animals and place, learn how to do spiritual travels with the drum, and from your heart by connecting to previous gifted life times which is important for your highest good now.


Testimonial from Petra Akdemir, Germany.

Would you like to learn who you really are and what gifts are given to you? Then you should participate at this workshop. You will learn how to heal yourself and others, release your gifts and how you can activate them. You will learn how to channel, for yourself and for others. You will meet your Guides (Angels, Light master, the Elders etc.) and how to communicate with them. Linn is a very empathic and helpful teacher. This workshop was for me a very informative experience with a lot of joy and fun that I will never miss.

Healing, workshops

Testimonial by Trine Munkvold, Oslo, Norway:

Something happens when Linn enters a room. She brings light, joy, love, laughter and calm. Attendig her workshop she helped me open up a door I long have been looking for, I just did not know where and how to look. Linn have given me tools and glasses that makes me see so much more of me and others. Tools that have brought out my own powers and inner light so that I too, can help others. I wish for all to recieve what I have been given, if you wish and are ready for it.

Circles Of Life, 


A Event created and inspired with the bliss in sharing The journey and path, the obstacles and flaws, the ups and downs with much Love and Humor. Sisters and Brothers in Light coming together to inspire You, to give Hope and to share that You are not alone. If you wish to Co-create with us a evening where we share the laughter and truth by walking our path. Send a mail to: linn.holisticbalance@gmail.com

Time for us to Unite 



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